Ionology started life as Ion Technologies in 1999; a software company that developed one of the first email marketing tools. We were revolutionary at the time, selling our technology to clients such as ESPN,, Vodafone Ireland and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Our industry was disrupted when new competitors came on the scene with cheaper and more convenient platforms. That was the catalyst that propelled us into a new direction entirely – we wanted to understand the forces that drive change in the marketplace, that drive customer behaviour, how to avoid disruption and how to develop business strategies that create competitive advantage in the digital age. Hence the Ionology digital transformation framework was born – the silver lining on our cloud of disruption. We now help business leaders deliver digital transformation primarily through leadership development courses, but also through consultancy. We teach leaders how to use our framework to create a roadmap for transformation based on evidence. We help leaders make the transition from traditional business thinking to thinking like a digital innovator. We also offer courses for leaders on AI, Innovation and Data Driven Decision Making. Over the past 3 years we have delivered leadership development courses and consultancy around the world to clients such as Infosys, Fujitsu, Accenture, Rolls Royce, Bahrain Telecoms, Ahli Utd Bank, Cambridge University, Liberty IT and Concentrix. Our CEO is also a visiting professor at UUJ in Belfast, our materials are used in university curricula around the globe and Babson college, Boston, commissioned a book on our DT frameworks and models.