On the 19th and 20th of November 2019, the kick-off meeting (KOM) of the “IoToAI –  From Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence (A VET for business in the digital era)” project, (project number: 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061934)” took place in Belfast (Northern Ireland), and the whole consortium of partners was a guest of BELFAST METROPOLITAN COLLEGE.

IoToAI project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Exchange of good practices) and it involve 3 partners from different countries: Italy, Spain and UK.

The KOM was very important because each partner explain in a detailed way its own activity and also because they set up the starting point of the project.

In the two days, a lot of activities have been carried on, the coordinator presented the overall project in its activities, responsibilities and time schedule.

The aim of IoToAI project is to develop a specific and innovative training for modernising workers’ and students’ profiles. The industry will also benefit if technicians have the chance to apply the knowledge acquired in the training course within their factories or sectors, as they can be part of ICT departments in charge. At the same time, young employees with a completely different professional background and high IT affinity are coming forward. This project will contribute to a higher quality of education and training offering by developing different training paths for VET students and attracting HE graduates to an innovative VET.

From this main objective there are several specific objectives and products to develop during the implementation of the project:

• Analyse national VET curricula related with ICT to see how they can be updated with demanded, digital skills specially related with AI, IoT, Cloud and blockchain, by different business sectors

• Analyse SSH higher education curricula that could be empowered by the knowledge of non high technical skills in AI and big data analysis.

• Skill non-technical highly qualified workers to deliver digital strategies in businesses related to their background

• Skill technical workers (especially in the field of VET) to undertake digital strategies in a broad range of business.

• Provide the VET teachers with the right tools identifying the pedagogical model for the teacher training

At medium/long term, the digital transformation cannot be ignored as it is crucial to improve the competitiveness of the EU industry. Therefore it is necessary to update the skills of European workers and providing recommendations at training level.

In the following months partners will be involved in the analysis of the current scenario. They will meet again from the 31st March to the 1st April in Cartagena (Spain).

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