CEIPES organized the IoToAI Multiplier Event at IISS “Pio La Torre” in Palermo, to disseminate all results obtained from the project to the people interested in future technologies.  


IoToAI – Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence is a project that involves partners from different European countries: Northern Ireland, Italy and Spain and it is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Exchange of good practices). 

The event had as main goal to present the results of the project. Starting with the 1st Intellectual Output, the whole consortium created a report with recommendations, addresses to VET authorities, government departments and trade union, in which is analyzed the current official VET curricula related with ICT and it was identified the gaps regarding new technologies that potentially can support the digitalization of the enterprises at technical level.  


Then, it was presented a VET academic curriculum, thought and developed in the IO2. It has a free access from the e-learning platform made available by CEIPES.  


The online course is structured with three mains topics, basic, intermediate and advanced.:  

  • The 1st, it is an introduction to Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and introduction to Data Processing.  
  • In the 2nd topic it is possible to find the implementation IoT solutions, the implementation Cloud Computing and the Data Driven Decision Making and all about Cybersecurity topics. 
  • The 3rd topic is on Advanced IoT, Advanced Cloud Computing and the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.  


The whole course is available in the three languages of the consortium: English, Spanish and Italian. 


After showing the online course, CEIPES project managers explained the IO3, a toolkit for blended learning of IoToAI topics in VET. To be more specific, it is a PDF toolkit to guide other VET providers in the design and implementation of mixed learning approaches. The toolkit aims to capture the process that a VET provider follows by moving the training programme to a blended model, where some elements offered in a face-to-face context and others are offered online. 

During the event there were interventions, asking if the entire course is also accessible after the end of the project. The project manager of CEIPES reassured them that the course will be available and accessible for the months and years after the end of the project. The modules and all the contents developed by the project consortium are also available on the website of the project. 


Also, the conference was a great moment of sharing knowledge with the participants at the Multiplier Event on the topics of the IoToAI project.   


 For more information, please visit the website and the FacebookTwitter pages of the project.