An italian KTI company launched an innovative platform for teachers and students: SCUOLAB. The platform has more than 70 physics, chemistry, electronics and climate science virtual lab experiences, fully replicating experimental methodology. 

Created by Protom – a company specialized in KTI – Knowledge & Technology Intensive solution based in Naples (IT) – SCUOLAB is a free-risk and easily available way to learn scientific concept or refreshing the old ones. 

With more than 20 thousand users among teachers and students in Italy, from the 30th of November, SCUOLAB was launced also in the international market as a tool to face the challenge of a more and more digitalised didactic scenario and opening to them the world of limitless Education.

Scuolab is collaborating with 200+ schools and high education istitutions to provide a traditional hands-on laboratory experience to student engaged in online, blended and face-to-face learning.

To discover more about it, follow the project on YouTube and the web site.