The consortium of partners of IoToAI is ready to announce the last results of the project a toolkit for blended learning of IoToAI topics in VET sector.

The toolkit is a teaching handbook guide for Vocational Educational Training (VET) providers and teachers in designing and implementing blended-learning approaches. It summarizes the process a VET provider or teacher should follow when is moving its training programme to a blended model, where some elements are delivered in a face to face (f2f) setting and others in online mode.

The toolkit has been designed as an exemplary guideline for digitalization subjects that includestechnology enhanced research-based educational aids and resources to support the development of students’ digital leadership, focused on novel and disruptive Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data skills, among others.

The handbook is organized in seven main sections, these sections are: the introduction, the conceptual framework for developing toolkits for blended Learning of IoToAI topics in VET, the teaching standards, the research-driven models of innovative pedagogical practices for the effective implementation of the VET teacher training program in blended learning, a set of examples of blended courses in different fields of study in VET and the IoToAI course as an example of blended learning course to plan and a list of recommendations to consider if blended learning is used as an educational method for teaching-learning.

To download the document please visit the results section of the website project, or click on the following link:

· English version

· Italian version

· Spanish version

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